LeBron James on Nike’s shoe sale: “They did a great job”

Nike has sold off nearly half of its stock in its shoe business, and the Cleveland Cavaliers star is not worried.

Speaking with ESPN on Tuesday, James said Nike’s stock had been “a great way” to get his message out.

The Cavs star said that while he would have liked to have seen the sale sooner, he believes Nike did a good job.

The sale was announced in March.

In February, the NBA’s owners approved a plan that would have allowed Nike to make up to $4 billion in profit from the sale.

However, Nike’s shares fell in early March and the league eventually announced that the deal would have to be delayed for two years to allow for the sale to go through.

James said that he’s still bullish on the future of the shoe business.

Nike will be in a much better position than it was before the sale, he said.

“I think the market is going to grow and the NBA is going up,” he said on ESPN.

“They’re going to have to have a really good year.

If they do, I’m going to be a happy camper.

But they’re going through a really bad year.

Nike is a great company.

I’m not worried.”

While James is excited about the future, he’s also not concerned about the negative attention that his decision to sell his stock could generate.

“If you’re a fan of the league, the fans are going to get mad at you.

But, they’re not going to care if you’re the LeBron James or the LeBron’s and all the other athletes who have a good deal on the other shoe, that’s how you do it,” he explained.

“I’m not going anywhere.

I just have to get a job and get paid for my time and be able to do my job.

I think that’s a good place to be.”

James is one of the most highly-paid athletes in the world, earning about $150 million a year.

He also has endorsements deals with Nike, Adidas and Under Armour.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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