This toddler girl’s shoes are not the right size

Posted February 24, 2018 07:16:16A toddler girl in a shoebox looks like she is wearing them for the first time.

But she might not be wearing them the right way.

A local shoe store in the state capital, Kolkata, has been selling shoes that don’t fit.

In this case, the mother and her child wear the shoes in the wrong sizes.

They are only about 4mm apart, the shop owner says.

“It’s the wrong size for my daughter,” she says.

The shoes are only a few centimeters apart and are being sold at the local market, a few kilometres away from the shoe store.

Shoes for toddlers, a trend that started in India, are becoming increasingly popular.

A new model has been launched by the Indian shoe brand Nike to help women who want to look their best.

A shoe that fits a child?

In the US, where many brands are targeting children, a woman’s shoe is usually a size 5, whereas a shoe for men is usually more than 6.

Shoe size is based on height, shape and material.

But it’s not the only factor.

Some of the biggest brands are selling shoes in different sizes for children, such as the Nike Zoom, a shoe with a footbox that is a foot taller than the width of a shoestring.

Sizes range from 4.5-6.5cm wide, with many men’s shoes only a foot or two wide.

Some are smaller.

The US also has a child-friendly US Department of Education guidelines for shoe sizes, saying that a 4-inch shoe can be worn by a child up to the age of five.

But the guidelines are not universally followed in India.

Skechers in India say that shoes for toddlers should be about 2.5 to 3cm wider than children’s shoes, or 1.5m to 2m for men’s.

The US Department Of Education guidelines say that the footwear can be shorter for children.

“The shoe size for children should be the same size as that for adults, because the footwear should be suitable for children’s feet,” said Anand Singh, an analyst with shoe and footwear consultancy ShoeIQ.

Shoppers in Mumbai, where India is known for its shopping malls, often complain about being asked to buy shoes that fit children.

“When you see a child’s shoes in stores, it makes me feel that there is a problem,” said a shopper, who asked not to be named.

A shopper in Delhi said: “The shoes in children’s sizes are bigger than adult shoes.

They are a lot bigger.”

The shopper said the children’s shoe sizes range from 5.5 cm wide for men to 8.5 centimetres wide for women.

“There is no difference.

We are not looking for a different size shoe,” the shopper added.

India is a world leader in child-proofing shoes, which are designed to prevent children from slipping into their mother’s shoes.

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