#Birkenstocks – The new #rockport shoe has a “flat sole”

BIRKENSTOCK, Italy (AP) A new shoe made by Birkenstock, an Italian shoe manufacturer, looks like a cross between a pair of boxer shorts and a pair, but the shape of the heel is different.

The new shoe has been on the market for a few months now, but it’s just now becoming a sensation among the footwear industry, and the company has raised $4 million from an investor group that includes former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg and a billionaire investor who’s also a major bundler for politicians.

“We think the shoe is very well designed, with a flat sole, and we think it’s a very good product,” said Bruno Giorgio, president of Birkenstocks, which is based in Florence, Italy.

“It’s very high quality and very well made.”

The shoe, dubbed the Flatsole BIRK, has a flat heel, a “flat toe” and a “thick sole.”

It’s designed to be worn on the beach, with the sole made of a natural leather.

Birkenstacks doesn’t expect the shoe to hit the market until later this year, but Giorgi said it’s expected to be available in limited quantities.

The shoe has already attracted attention from celebrities, including actor Matt Damon and singer Kate Bush.

But it has also attracted some backlash from some critics, who have questioned its authenticity and price tag.

The company says it will make the shoe available to retailers for a limited time.

The Flatsole is expected to launch in mid-2017, with more colors to come.

The price tag is $80.

Giori said the shoe will sell for $100 to $200, but Birkensts didn’t provide an exact figure.

It’s also not clear how the shoes will be sold in Italy.

The Italian government is also reviewing its laws on bikinis and sandals, as it looks to restrict the growth of women’s sports in the country.

The government has said it will ban beach bikinas and sandal-wearing women.

Birks has been criticized for using its name in advertising to market its shoes, and it has come under fire for what some say is the company’s marketing of the shoes to young women.

But the company defended itself, saying it was merely marketing the footwear to “people who want to see a new kind of shoes, in a different way, with different materials, that fit into a different style.”

(Reporting by Andrea Tamburini in Milan; Editing by Francesco Bernabei)

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