Trump tweets: ‘I love our military, but we cannot keep our military in perpetual conflict’

Donald Trump on Thursday took a swipe at the military’s commitment to a strategy of constant warfare.

The president-elect took aim at the “wonderful job” of being commander-in-chief, saying he could “never understand” how a military that he would love to keep “in perpetual conflict” could not “stay focused” on its core mission.

“We can’t keep our country in perpetual warfare, and we can’t be afraid of what the military is going to do, which is be focused on the fight against ISIS,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

“This must end.

If not now, when?”

The military, which Trump has repeatedly criticized for its lack of focus on the Middle East, is preparing for an unprecedented surge of combat operations in the coming weeks.

Trump has vowed to bring “America back” to the Middle Eastern region, calling the conflict in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen “one of the great strategic challenges of our time.”

Trump is also looking to expand U.S. military involvement in the region by creating “a global police force to fight terror,” which could lead to the creation of a new regional police force that would be able to track down and bring terrorists to justice.

“The president is now looking to create a new global police, and he’s going to use that force to hunt down and kill terrorists in the Middle Kingdom,” a White House official told ABC News.

“He wants to create the new global military police force, and that force is going get to work immediately to make sure the world knows the threat we face.”