Watch this: How to make your own ‘Made in Australia’ shoes

By now you’ve probably noticed the term “Made in America” popping up in advertisements and news headlines.

While the name may sound familiar, it’s not really.

Made in Australia is a brand that has been making shoes for over a century.

It’s been in the US since 1893, but has only been sold in Australia since 1999.

While it’s true that Made in America has been in operation for almost 60 years, that’s because the brand is based in New York.

The story of Made in China is the story of the brand’s rise to fame in the United States.

In 1904, Made in the USA made its first shoe, a pair of women’s shoes, called the “Aunt Jemima.”

It was a limited-edition item that was sold out and only 10,000 pairs were made.

Made in the UK in 1935, Made In England in 1938, Made Co. in 1945, and Made in Brazil in 1957, these were the first women’s shoe brands in the world.

Now, nearly 100 years later, the brand continues to be an iconic American brand, and is the sole owner of two iconic shoe brands, Adidas and Nike.

We spoke with one of the founders of Made In Australia, Tom Smith, about the brand, its history, and why he thinks it’s finally time for a “Made” shoe.

Interviewer: What was it like to be part of the first shoe company in the country?

Tom Smith: The story goes back to 1893 when I was working in the shoe industry, I was in New England, and I went to the local shoe shop to get a pair and found that I didn’t have any Made in USA shoes.

I went down to the US and asked the head salesman what I should buy.

He said, “Oh, you know, just go down and buy these Made in Japan shoes.”

I bought two of them, and a few weeks later they were gone.

I got the idea that this would be a great opportunity for Made in Canada to get the word out, so I went up to Toronto and bought them a pair.

What happened?

The company was sold in Canada in September of 1949, and by the mid-1950s it was operating at least 20 stores in the States.

In 1953, the shoe company’s name changed to Nike, and the name of the business changed from Nike to Made in The United States of America.

Today, Made In America is the largest shoe company globally and the only manufacturer of Made products in the entire world.

We carry around a half-million pairs of Made shoes a year and sell about 80% of them in the U.S. This is the first time I’ve ever been to a factory and seen the people in there.

When you go in there, you see this huge warehouse where the shoes are made.

We’re in the same building as the shoe factories that make the rest of the shoe products, so it’s almost like you’re walking through a factory.

They have all these guys sitting around making these little factories out of these little pieces of rubber that are stacked up like these little stacks of bricks, and you’re really just walking through the factory.

And you see all these little cars parked there, and they have these little trucks, and trucks have these tires.

And you see them working all day long, they’re not making a lot of time for themselves.

And there’s always a lot to do.

They work all day.

They put in a lot.

They just don’t make as much time as they could.

It just shows you that the people who make the products are hard working, and there’s something about them that makes them happy.

Interviewer: Is that because of the American people who love Made in a different way than the rest, or are there some differences between Made in Canada and the rest?

Tom: The people who have been coming here for years, they know exactly what the product is.

They know the name.

They’re not buying it for the sake of buying it, they want to get rid of it, so they’re just looking for the best products.

They love the fact that they can do this in the local market.

The American consumer loves that they’re making the products in their own country.

So, what they don’t know is that Made In Canada, they’ve been working on this product for decades.

There’s no difference in the people, they just want the best product that they know how to make.

They want the quality and the design that they want, and if the people that make it don’t want to work with them, then they can leave.

They don’t have to work for that company anymore.

It would just be them leaving and going to somebody else’s factory. It is just

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