Women in golf shoes are being urged to get fit

Golfers are being encouraged to get in shape by taking part in a fitness challenge at a fitness centre in London.

The women’s golf shoe challenge at the London Golf Club, which is called GolfFit, will start on Wednesday and run until March 5.

The aim is to encourage women to start exercising and reduce their risk of developing foot and ankle injuries, said GolfFit co-founder and CEO Maria Stansfield.

Stansfield, a fitness trainer, said the aim is that women start playing golf as soon as possible to avoid getting injured.

“It’s really important for women to get active because it is such a big health issue,” Stansfields said.

“If you can get fit, you can have a longer life.”

I think it’s great that people are doing it, they’re actually getting fit and it’s really good for people’s health.

“The women will be able to choose from a selection of fitness shoes.

The challenge is a collaborative effort between London Golf, the London Olympic Park, the Royal Veterinary College and the Royal College of Physicians, and will run through March 5 at the golf club.

The goal is to help women develop better foot and hip strength, and improve their ability to run, walk and jump.

Stannfield said she hopes to create a community where people can come together to help.”

We want to make sure that people feel welcome and feel safe, so we’re really hoping that we can make it a really great place to come and share the fitness,” Stannfield added.

The fitness centre is run by London Golf and will offer free weights, and fitness classes will be offered on the premises.

The golf club is located in East London, close to London’s iconic Tower Bridge.

Stances on fitness vary.

A fitness enthusiast who is interested in a competitive career, such as golf, said it is important to get the right equipment.”

If you’re not good at something, you need to look for something else, otherwise you won’t have a great chance.”

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