Adidas shoe storage cabinet at women’s store opens for business

Women’s shoe storage cabinets are opening for business as Adidas unveils its new shoe storage solution, which allows women to store their shoes for up to 12 months.

The cabinets can store up to two pairs of shoes per person, up to 10 pairs of socks per person and up to six pairs of clothing per person.

The shelves also have a lock to keep them secure, and a door to prevent unauthorized entry.

The storage solution is part of a broader effort by Adidas to expand its footprint into the women’s shoe industry.

The company has partnered with a host of retailers to create a variety of women’s footwear and apparel options, including shoes and accessories.

In addition to its shoes and apparel offerings, Adidas is also partnering with women’s clothing companies such as Gucci and Uniqlo to produce footwear for women’s wear.