New Gucci sneakers from Hoka and Gucci women’s collection set to launch this week

Gucci Shoes announced on Thursday the launch of a new collection of its women’s footwear featuring iconic fashion silhouettes.

The Hoka line, which includes Gucci Men’s Collection and Guccis Women’s Collection, is a line of women’s silhouettes that was launched in 2018 with an eye on showcasing the best of the Japanese brand’s work.

The first collection is set to be unveiled in New York City on Wednesday.

Gucci shoes are often lauded for their premium quality and attention to detail, but the brand’s flagship brand Hoka has also taken strides to diversify the line and build more women-friendly products.

The Gucci Women’s collection features Gucci’s signature shapes, colors and patterns, which have been praised for their versatility.

It includes the Gucci Superfly and GuCCI Ghetto, a bolder version of the iconic black and white silhouettes featured in the Gucci Men’s collection.

The Hoka Women’s line will also include women’s shoes with a more tailored fit, a range of heels and a line with two styles, a high-top and a high heel.

Guccis Men’s and Women’s collections are currently available at Gucci stores in China and Hong Kong.

The women’s Gucci collection will debut at the company’s New York store in September, while the men’s collection will be available in mid-October at the store.