What we know about the ‘Naked & Famous’ new album cover – The Vinyl Times

Posted September 20, 2018 14:53:55A new album from the hip-hop duo Nasty Boys has been revealed for the first time, featuring an image of the duo in a naked and famous pose.

Key points: The cover features the duo on a naked stage with a caption that reads, “We’ll be back with another nugget from our nugatory album.” 

The album is scheduled to be released on September 20.

Nasty Boys frontman and founder Nastassja Kuklinski said in a statement that he was “so excited to share with you all our new album Nasty Boy 2, due out on September 10.”

“It’s so exciting to finally share this album with you, and we’re very proud of the music we made together, especially the song ‘Tiny Pimpin’,” he said.

Nasty Boy is the first act to release a new album in 2017.”

The cover has a simple, yet provocative title, which reads, ‘We’ll Be Back With Another Nugget From Our Nugatory Album’.”

Nasty Boy is the first act to release a new album in 2017.

The duo has previously released a number of singles, including a number one single called “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”.

The album was recorded at Nasty Studios in Brooklyn, New York.

Nastassija Kukkina said in the statement that the new album will “show off our unique sound and the energy we’ve developed through this album.”

“Nastyboy 2 is a new release, but the same great vibes we brought to our previous releases have been returned,” he said, adding that he hoped that fans would enjoy the album.

“We’re excited to put our stamp on this album, and look forward to sharing more music in the future.”

The Nastyboys are one of a number who have released new music in 2017, including Yeezy Season 2, Yeeza Season 2 and Nastas Albums.