When you think Saucony, think running shoes

Air Max Shoes are one of the most iconic running shoes, and Sauconys most iconic design.

But, the Sauconics newest running shoes also have a lot of fans.

What’s your take on the new Sauconx running shoes?

Read moreAir Max Shoes have a new model.

This is the third time that the shoe has been launched.

The Air Max 1 is the same as the original Air Max.

It has a new shape and a higher cushioning.

It’s got a larger heel cushion.

The new version of the Air Max is available in two sizes, which is a size up from the previous model.

The shoe also has a slightly longer toe box.

This is a great shoe for long runs, especially for those who want to be comfortable but still look good in the process.

If you like the design of the previous Air Max, the new Air Max 2, the Air Ultra and the Air Zoom, then the new model is a very good option.

It is still the case that the new shoe is only available in black and a lighter blue color.

I can’t say I’m sold on either color yet, though.

I think it’s the new Black and White color.

This new model will definitely be more comfortable than the previous models, but the comfort factor is not there yet.

You might want to buy a pair of black and white Air Max shoes, though, for this reason.

This new model has a lower heel cushion, which helps reduce the chance of slipping when you are running at a high speed.

It also has two different cushioning materials.

The sole has a higher surface area to cushion the foot, but also allows the shoe to absorb some of the impact from your foot as you run.

This shoe has a much better design than the last one.

It is made of the same leather as the AirMax 1 and the first model.

It was originally designed for a different purpose, but it looks great on a range of people.

It still has a lot to offer.

The fit is the best of the three.

The toe box is also higher.

This gives you better control when you push the shoe out and push the foot back in.

It’s still a bit of a bit on the pricey side, at $249, but if you are in the market for a running shoe, you should definitely pick this up.

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