Justin Trudeau to announce $1.4 billion for veterans’ health care fund

President Justin Trudeau will announce $2.3 billion for the Veterans Health Administration on Thursday, a significant boost to the health care needs of Canada’s soldiers and their families.

Trudeau will say that he has ordered the VA to take a closer look at the cost-saving measures it already took, and that he wants to help veterans pay for their medical bills.

In his budget, the Liberals are proposing to spend $1,420 per year for each of Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, on their Veterans Affairs (VA) program.

This will include:The Liberal government is looking to make the government’s health care a priority for the federal government, especially for veterans and their spouses, by expanding eligibility for health care services.

Currently, the government only covers the first five years of life support for veterans, which is a generous rate for an aging population.

In the 2018 budget, however, the Conservative government introduced a new cap on life support, meaning that a veteran who had served in Iraq and Afghanistan, for example, would have to wait four years to receive their benefits.

Under the Liberals’ plan, Canada would also expand access to emergency care, by providing financial support to help vets get care.

In 2019, the plan would provide $1 billion to expand health care for veterans in rural areas, while a further $2 billion would be used to expand emergency care for people who have been diagnosed with mental health issues, and who are struggling to manage the costs of their care.

Other plans to boost Canada’s Veterans Affairs program include the introduction of a Veterans Benefits Management Program that would offer an extra $300 a month for people enrolled in the program.

Additionally, the Liberal government will increase the number of Veterans Affairs offices in the country, so that all Canadians will be able to access the care they need.

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