Wearing red shoes to the red carpet in the US

A US-based shoe brand says it will be selling a red pair of shoes for just $150 in a move to promote awareness of breast cancer.

The red shoes were first launched in April, but the company says it is now ready to sell them for $150 on a first-come-first-served basis, after receiving support from the US Breast Cancer Foundation.

“These shoes will be a reminder to anyone in the world who is diagnosed with breast cancer to wear them and wear them well,” said Sarah Miller, senior brand manager at Fila Shoes.

“They are a symbol of strength and courage and they will help us all stay strong.”

Fila Shoes has been working with the Breast Cancer Association and the US Department of Health and Human Services to develop the red-themed shoe.

The shoes feature a red heel stamp and red colouring.

“The shoe is meant to be worn for a week, which is the maximum time a person can live with breast cancers,” Ms Miller said.

“We have also heard from many people that have gone through the experience of losing their loved ones to breast cancer, and these shoes are meant to remind us that we can get through this.”

This is not just a new shoe, this is a reminder that we have each other in our life and we can come together as one to continue to fight this disease.

“The shoes have a number of other special features, including a red strap with a red ribbon, a red back zipper and a red shoe pad.”

People have been asking us to do something for breast cancer awareness and we thought, ‘why not give it a go?’

“Ms Miller told ABC Radio.”

So, we’re not just going to make a simple red shoe, we want to make something that’s really special and meaningful to people.

“Failing that, the shoes will have a special design on the inside.”

It’s not just about us’The company says they have been contacted by more than 1,000 people and will be rolling out the red shoes nationwide.””

We’ve seen how people can take things to the next level with these shoes and we wanted to create something that could really make a difference for someone who has lost their life to breast, who has had cancer.”‘

It’s not just about us’The company says they have been contacted by more than 1,000 people and will be rolling out the red shoes nationwide.

“Fila is proud to offer this iconic red design to our customers for a limited time,” Ms Thompson said.

Ms Miller says the red colour was chosen for the shoes because it represents both the “reds” and the “whites” in the USA.

“It’s about giving them a sense of pride and a sense that they’re not alone,” Ms Johnson said.

The company also plans to make special red versions for international customers.

“For our international customers, we’ve got some fantastic shoes on offer to bring them to their homes and to bring some love to their communities,” Ms Taylor said.

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