How to dress like your dad

“My dad is a real-life version of my dad,” he says.

“And he’s very kind, and he really understands that we’re different.

He’s very, very supportive.

He really wants to do things for us.

But he’s just so happy to be here.

And he’s such a great dad.”

The last time the family spent time together was in September 2011, when the family returned from a trip to New York City to see their mother and father.

“I’m just a little kid,” said Dwayne.

“But he was a big man and he was like a father figure to me.”

It was there that the family bonded over their shared love of soccer and the sport of hockey.

“My dad would always tell us, ‘You’re going to love this,’ because he loves the game so much,” says Dwayne’s sister, Amanda.

“He’s a real hockey fan.”

For a time, Dwayne was also the son of the famed goalie, Peter.

“When he was growing up he would say, ‘I’m not going to be a hockey player, I’m going to do something else,'” Dwayne says.

When Dwayne became the youngest goalie in history, it wasn’t the end of his dream of being a hockey goalie.

“It was a little bit of a dream, but it’s a dream that I had,” he said.

“So it’s been a big challenge for me.”

And then there was his dream to become an actor.

“I thought, ‘What would I do if I was in a movie?’

So I thought I would try and make a career out of it,” he continued.

“My agent at the time, who is a great actor, said, ‘Do you want to try and do a movie?'”

“So I did, and it was a very different kind of process,” he admits.

“The first thing that happened was I had to learn the dance.”

Dwayne, now 27, was just one of the few athletes who were able to learn it.

He spent four months learning the moves, and eventually, in February 2012, he was ready to audition for the role of the ice hockey goalie in a new film, ‘The Hockey Kid’.

“I was a goalie, and I didn’t even know it, and the director asked, ‘Who are you?’

And I said, I am a hockey fan, and a hockey kid,” he recalls.

“Because I am from a hockey family, and my dad played hockey, it was like, ‘Oh, OK.’

I thought, Wow, this is going to happen.”

In addition to auditioning for the part of the hockey goalie, Dhewys brother, Kyle, also auditioned.

“We were all really excited, because we had never really done it before,” he tells TIME.

“This was a real test of our confidence, because I was just really excited about it, because it was something that we were not used to.”

As for Kyle, he also auditiones for a role in a film called ‘Coffee and Coffee’, which is set in the ’90s.

“It was pretty much a dream come true for me, because when I was younger, my mom and dad had played hockey together,” he continues.

“Our family has always been really close.

My father is a very good hockey player.

So, it’s great to be in that position where my dad is playing hockey with his son.

So it was just a dream for me to be playing hockey for my dad.””

It’s hard to say,” Dwayne admits.”

But the other thing that is really hard to put into words is the fact that we are so lucky that my dad has always played hockey with me.

And the things that my family has shared with me have been so incredible.”

Darry says he has been humbled by the support of his hockey-loving fans.

“If you ever see me on TV, you can always tell that I love them,” he exclaims.

“That’s how they feel about me.”‘

The Hockey Kids’ is now in production.

And, in fact, there’s a film about Dwayne in the works, called ‘The Kid.’

“The Hockey kids have always been my biggest fan base,” Dhewies sister, Amy, says.

“And so it was nice to get to know them, get to see them grow, and to be able to be around them, and see them become a part of this movie.

And so it’s really cool to see this movie.”

For more on ‘The Ice Kid’, read TIME’s in-depth feature about the rise and fall of hockey in the U.S.

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